A Guide for Student Leaders


A Guide for Student Leaders

When college students get involved in stopping assault in their communities, significant changes can happen. Student training is the single most effective tool in reducing incidents of sexual violence in the university setting. After implementing sexual assault prevention training, campuses have seen reductions in student sexual assaults of up to 60%. Complying with the federal mandates required under laws like Title IX, the Clery Act, and the Violence Against Women Act is not enough. To see meaningful change on campuses across the nation, students have to be equipped and empowered to keep themselves and their friends safe from assault.

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Our online training programs are ready to launch, simple to manage, and can be customized to meet your needs. Over 500 institutions of higher education attest to our effectiveness and efficacy in meeting the regulatory requirements for compliance. And our new Title IX / Campus SaVE Act / Clery Act compliance solutions demonstrate our commitment to keep your organization protected.

Campus Answers (a new division of Workplace Answers) delivers automated, end-to-end management of your entire training initiative – without the expense and hassle of engaging your organization’s IT resources. Our SLATE™ Learning Management System (LMS) gives you the ability to easily manage course registration, electronically notify and remind employees of their training obligations, track individual course progress, record policy acceptance and document course completion. Training administrators also appreciate SLATE’s real-time graphical and ad-hoc reporting capability.

Need something a little different? We can even create custom content and training courses as requested by our clients, and we are always expanding our content library to make sure your organization’s employees are able to address current concerns.