Why Campus Answers?

Why do universities and colleges look to Campus Answers to train their employees, students, faculty and staff.

Why do our clients choose us? And why do over 90 percent of them renew each year? Because Campus Answers offers the same effective, interactive training as our parent company, Workplace Answers...customized to the needs of higher education.

Campus Answers’ courseware is proven to provide an affirmative legal defense that has withstood the test of intense courtroom scrutiny. In fact, Jackson Lewis LLP – a leading workplace law firm with over 770 attorneys – has selected Workplace Answers as their sole compliance training partner.

No other compliance training company offers the depth and quality of content that Campus Answers offers, or the customization we offer our higher-ed clients. Our online compliance training provides the most compelling and interactive solution in the industry to educate people on discrimination prevention, harassment prevention, Title IX interpretations, diversity programs, wage and hour, ethics, document security and more. We bring cutting-edge courseware and the latest training applications together with a dedicated professional services team to transform the way you educate your employees.

  •   Top subject matter experts and attorneys
  •   The only 508-Compliant training in the industry
  •   Huge library of best-in-class interactive content
  •   Award-winning Learning Management System
  •   Clear, straightforward pricing
  •   Dedicated account managers to ensure training success

We offer more than 40 course titles covering VAWA/Campus SaVE Act requirements, sexual harassment training, discrimination training, diversity programs, student records ethics training and more. If you are not sure which online training courses best suit your organization’s needs, our Campus Answers representatives will guide you through the process and help you choose the best courses to reduce your employment law and regulatory compliance litigation risk.

Find out how simple it is to protect your campus from lawsuits and prove compliance. Schedule a time to talk to a Campus Answers representative to discover which courses are the best fit for your needs today!

Here are some specific reasons clients choose Campus Answers: 

More for Their Money

Our training is attractively priced and there are no surprises. Ever. All of our online training courses (diversity programs, sexual harassment training, EEO & discrimination training, ethics training, wage & hour training and more) offer multiple versions geared to suit various levels of employees such as; supervisor training, faculty and student training and staff training, as well as versions for various types of organizations. You don’t have to buy multiple subtitles in a piecemeal fashion -- one suite gives you everything you need for one price. 

Proven Legal Content

Campus Answers is recognized by its clients for the depth and quality of its online training content. We’ve been offering sexual harassment training online since 1997, updating our sexual harassment training as laws have developed, while adding discrimination training, diversity programs, ethics training and other online courses along the way. We use rigorous standards of instructional design to create interactive training programs that actively engage your people and the various constituencies. All of our courses were carefully crafted by our in-house legal team, led by Sondra Solovay, and our programs have withstood intense courtroom scrutiny.

Award-winning SLATE Learning Management System (LMS)

Campus Answers deploys all of its online compliance training courses through its own SLATE Learning Management System (LMS). In a recent, independent review of industry leading LMSs, Bersin & Associates rated SLATE as one of the best LMSs on the market. SLATE allows you to access your courses through a simple link that runs in most any internet browser without the need for a hardware or software overhaul, nor is there a need to maintain complicated IT systems. Tracking learner participation is easy, so you can see who is taking the courses and how close they are to finishing their training. SLATE is a solid LMS that stands tall on its own, and the best part is that when you select any of Campus Answers’ training courses you get the SLATE Learning Management System free!

If your organization already utilizes its own LMS, but you would like to train with Campus Answers' custom content, our courses can be deployed through a variety of LMSs. Speak to one of our representatives to learn more about this feature. 

30% More Interactivity

Campus Answers operates under the knowledge that when someone can interact with the information they are learning, the chance for retention raises exponentially. This knowledge is extremely useful for the important content in our courses since it can be a major contributor in creating a healthy, safe and diverse working/campus environment. Our interactive info panes, story-based learning scenarios, serious games as well as our vignettes and graphic novellas help learners feel like they are participating in the lessons, coming to their own conclusions and cementing their knowledge through critical thinking. Campus Answers’ training courses allow learners to move at their own pace, but also make certain they are actually completing the harassment training or sexual harassment training courses you provide for them. Often times, traditional harassment videos make it too easy for learners to get distracted and disengage from the program, or even tune it out completely while they miss the pertinent content. By choosing Campus Answers courses, you are not only ensuring a higher rate of participation through increased interactivity, but also presenting your communities with the best potential for retaining and internalizing the course content.

Customized Content

We offer free personalization with all of our online training programs. You can change the visual look of the program and the content to reflect your unique campus environment. Our courses are custom-tailored to your industry and employee base. For instance, when serving an educational institution with sexual harassment training, we provide separate versions for the faculty, students, supervisors and non-supervisors for the same price, and each situation uses language written for a campus, not a company. In cases where there is a very specific need, you can talk with a Campus Answers representative about creating a fully customized course for your organization.

We do not believe in selling piecemeal online employee training products to get in through the door and then presenting you with a huge bill for customization. Our clients do not pay us any additional fees beyond the listed price; in very rare instances, when clients have special requests that fall outside the bounds of routine customization, they pay a modest special customization fee. We are always upfront about how much course customization is included and the customization boundaries so clients can make informed decisions.

Top-Notch Customer Service

With Campus Answers, you don’t get handed from one person to another like a hot potato. You deal with a dedicated account manager, who serves as your single point of contact for any questions or clarifications related to your custom training bundle or for services like adding more training options to your account. They’re just a phone call or email away if you need them. As a result, our client retention rate exceeds 90% and is amongst the highest in the industry.

508 Compliant

Campus Answers has been working hard to bring its high quality training courses into Section 508 compliance for people with disabilities. Starting with WPA’s our higher education courses, every course will soon be fully compatible with the JAWS screen reader. These accessibility accessible courses will supply non-sighted users with all the necessary contextual information to navigate the interactive slides, answer story-based questions and complete the course with ease.

The most exciting part is that you don’t have to purchase separate screen-reader accessible courses in addition to the traditional courses, since they are one in and the same product. Sighted users can take the course as usual, moving the mouse to navigate and completing actions that require sight, like drag-and-drop, but as soon as JAWS is activated, the course switches to accessibility mode and begins narrating the content on-screen and utilizes the keyboard to navigate. It’s WPA’s our desire that all learners have easy access to the same important training information, whether or not the learner is sighted. In addition to being fully 508 compliant, our courses also meet WCAG AA standards. When your organization becomes a WPA Campus Answers client, it represents a major step towards establishing a fully accessible workplace.

Tracking and Reporting at Your Fingertips

As you know, in order for employees to learn the important training content, they must actually take the courses. Our learner tracking tools make it easy to monitor the completion rate of individual employees for each course you assign them, including campus sexual violence, workplace harassment training, online discrimination training, diversity training programs and more. Since our courses are highly interactive, learners won’t be able to just press play and walk away without actually participating, which can be a problem with some traditional sexual harassment videos or discrimination videos used for training. Our monthly training reports give training coordinators a clearer picture of the next steps they should take and allow them to see who is actually going through the programs and who might need a reminder. These reports also stand as solid evidence that your organization is doing everything in its power to make its training initiative a success.

Do you want to know more?

Contact us to see a live demo of our online training in the areas of Title IX/VAWA/Clery, workplace sexual harassment training, discrimination training, ethics training, diversity programs, wage & hour or other topics.

Our Representatives can also talk to you about customizing the course content to fit your individual needs, like displaying a note from the University Dean, incorporating your logo or even creating a new course from scratch.

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How It Works

  • Deep, engaging content
  • Campus- and audience-specific versions
  • Simple flat-rate pricing
  • Easy-to-manage tracking and reporting through SLATE LMS

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How It's Different

  • Pricing & Value

    Our flexible subscription pricing model enables you to train all levels of staff, both supervisory and non-supervisory employees, for a flat rate.

  • Engaging, Interactive Content, Personalized for Your Organization

    Our Instructional Design method focuses on making training interactive for today's adult learner through serious games, interactive flash modules and questions throughout the course. And, we offer you the ability to include a message and logo to reflect your unique corporate environment.

  • Best in Class Service and Support

    Your Account Manager is your single point-of-contact for all matters concerning your training. You can count on us to deliver the best service in the industry, 15 years running.

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