University of California Institutes New Post to Tackle Sexual Violence Issues

Posted by Josh Young on 2 February 2017 |

On Thursday, January 12, 2017, the University of California announced that it had hired its first system-wide Title IX coordinator -- Kathleen Salvaty -- to "lead efforts against sexual violence and sexual harassment throughout the University."

Salvaty had previously fulfilled a similar, site-specific role at the school's UCLA branch. However, her new position will focus on coordinating and standardizing university policy across the organization's ten campuses as well as other facilities.

In particular, Salvaty will continue the school's existing efforts to combat issues of campus sexual violence and sexual harassment, overseeing education, prevention, adjudication, and sanctioning processes involving faculty, staff, and students.

Forging a New Direction

This new appointment, along with several other changes, comes after a series of sexual harassment and sexual assault scandals had plagued the university.

Recognizing that a cultural change was needed, the university's president, Janet Napolitano, took a number of measures to combat sexual harassment and sexual assault on campus including the:

  • Formation of a sexual violence taskforce
  • Implementation of mandatory education and training for all staff (including regents)
  • Enhancement of support services for complaining students and faculty
  • Creation of an information portal to simplify the search for campus resources
  • Standardization of data collection regarding incidents, enabling the school to better analyze its responses and identify improvement areas

With these measures in place and the appointment of Salvaty, hopefully the University of California can put an end to this troubled chapter of its rich history and promote a safe and inviting campus for all of its students.


Considering the trials and tribulations faced by the University of California, it is clear that to protect your students and your campus, you need to be proactive and make sexual harassment and sexual violence prevention a priority at your school.

Title IX training can be a powerful tool in not only stamping out misconduct but also equipping students and front-line faculty on how to act quickly and responsibly if one of these terrible incidents occurs on your campus.

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