How to Comply with Title IX & Illinois State Training Requirements: On Demand Webinar

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Sexual assault on campus is a serious issue of growing national concern. Federal laws, including Title IX, VAWA and the Clery Act, require educational institutions to provide training that addresses sex discrimination and sexual violence.

Plus, Illinois' legislation adds additional procedures and guidelines colleges and universities must follow, including strategies for bystander intervention.

Join Sondra Solovay, Esq., Vice President of Content at Campus Answers, to learn about training requirements under federal laws and Illinois’ Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education Act.

Topics Covered in the Webinar

  • Rights and responsibilities under Title IX, VAWA and the Clery Act
  • Additional requirements outlined in Illinois’ Act
  • What to look for when selecting training to comply with the laws 

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About the Presenter

Sondra Solovay, Esq

Sondra Solovay, EsqSondra Solovay, Esq. is the Vice President of Content at Campus Answers. She has been teaching, training and consulting on diversity and discrimination issues for almost 20 years. She has published several books and articles on intersectional issues, with an emphasis on weight and disability discrimination.

She is passionate about eLearning, adult education, and product management. She has significant higher education experience, having served as core faculty at California's New College School of Law, Adjunct Professor of Law at JFK University, and as President of the Faculty Council and Adjunct Professor of Law at San Francisco Law School.


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