The Campus Safety Stats Deadline is Looming

The Campus Safety Stats

Posted on 25 June 2015 |

Department of Education Seal 298x300Summer feels like the season to forget about administrative tasks and campus deadlines. We get it!  We feel the same way!

But this summer, there's a big deadline coming up for college campuses across the country: the new campus violence statistics rules go into full effect on July 1, 2015. What was formerly a requirement for a "good faith effort" on the part of campus administrators now carries the full weight of law, with corresponding fines and penalties for failure to comply. 

The new rules were issued by the Department of Education, and came out of the VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) Reauthorization to the Clery Act. The refinements to existing rules and the new additions to the law's previous mandates now require colleges and universities across the country to :

  • Maintain and publish statistics about the number of incidents of sexual assaults, date (or known-assailant) violence, stalking and domestic violence on campus. 
  • Report hate crimes which include elements of gender identity in addition to prior categories
  • Separate hate crimes statistics for ethnicity and national origin into separate categories
  • Follow new rules which greatly restrict the circumstances under which a report or crime can be excluded from reporting as "unfounded"
  • Use the FBI definition of rape for all classifications of these crimes
  • Provide new employees and new students campus safety training and violence prevention training programs, and include descriptions of those programs in the annual reporting
  • Publish a statement that the college prohibits all acts of violence, rape, assault and stalking
  • Provide students and faculty with a definition of affirmative consent for all sexual activity

Colleges have been required to make a good faith effort to abide by these rules since they were finalized last autumn. But the summer deadline now holds colleges and universities to full compliance with all elements of the new regulations.

Fortunately, it's not too late to bring your campus into compliance even now. Quality campus safety training programs are available for in-person and online training of staff and students. And statistical tracking and reporting tools are available as well. Best of all, if you take care if it now, you can get back to enjoying your summer before everyone heads back to campus in the fall! 


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