Tarrant County College (TCC)

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Encouraging a safe and proactive student community across multiple campuses

Tarrant County College (TCC) has five campuses across Fort Worth and more than 50,000 students, making it the seventh-largest higher education organization in Texas.

The Campus Answers’ Student Empower suite of courses fit within TCC’s budget while providing a top-tier sexual violence and prevention training solution. Also, as a result of the implementation, the TCC team won a Chancellor’s Excellence Award and several Brandon Hall Awards. 

“As a compliance leader, I’m amazed at the response rates we’ve had for the Student Empower course. Compared to other compliance courses, I haven’t had to put as much daily work into getting completions, and the student success data indicate a winning implementation.” — Alma Martinez-Egger, M.S., Director of Employee Online Learning and Human Resources, Tarrant County College

• Section 508 compliance for ADA accessibility

• Customization for faculty, staff, supervisors, Title IX deputies and students

• Engaging, up-to-date content to help drive cultural change and mitigate risks

• Automated reporting shows progress and completion actions 

Higher Education's Trusted Compliance Provider

Campus Answers by Workplace Answers is the leader in higher education compliance training. We serve over 500 universities in the US, offer the best learning experience through our SLATE Learning Management System, and our courses aren’t just customizable – they’re developed specifically for the unique higher education environment. 

Our online courses present engaging, evidence-based training that addresses the needs of supervisors, campus investigators, faculty, staff, campus security, and even students. 
See the demo on our SaVE Act compliance program and find out why Campus Answers is the preferred choice for training.

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