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Sexual Violence Prevention Training That Works

Posted on 19 January 2016 |

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Partnering with Tarrant County College  

tcc success sexual violence preventionEven though federal mandates—Title IX, Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and the Clery Act—make campus sexual violence prevention training a legal requirement, the administrators at Tarrant County College (TCC) didn’t want to simply “check the box”—they wanted to create real campus change.

In support of their mission, we partnered with them to develop and implement a master plan for sexual violence prevention training. They selected two of our courses: Student Empower and Preventing Discrimination and Sexual Violence.

We collaborated with TCC to ensure the courses fit the community college experience—that of a two-year, non-residential institution with students of all ages—by focusing on three things:

  • Educational content that promotes action through bystander intervention
  • Convenient, mobile learning that’s accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Engaging, interactive design that meets the needs of everyone on campus

And after taking the training, TCC’s students indicated that the course improved their awareness of sexual violence and the importance of bystander intervention.  

“The future outlook is excellent. We plan to continue working with Campus Answers as these laws, and the needs of our campus community, develop—so that we can continue to offer the very best mobile training solution possible.” –Tarrant County College

Educating Learners on Bystander Intervention

The courses are instructionally sound and engaging, so learners finish each course feeling like they learned something and are now ready to take action. For example, Student Empower is focused on teaching TCC students bystander intervention.

Through bystander intervention training, learners are taught how to step in (when it is safe to do so) if someone is in need of help. This deepens the sense of shared community and responsibility—creating a foundation for real campus change.

Deploying Fully Integrated Mobile Learning

The courses work on Android tablets and iPads, giving TCC learners optimum flexibility. The learners can bookmark their place and take a course across multiple devices, too.

interactive engaging online compliance trainingFor example, a learner can begin a course on a TCC school library computer, go to class, and later continue the training on their personal iPad, never losing their place. Learners can complete their training anywhere with a Wi-Fi signal.

For the older, returning students and those working in addition to their studies, mobile delivery is extremely convenient. And for younger students, mobile delivery makes these courses even more accessible.

Engaging Everyone on Campus with Interactive Design

The trainings fit the various audiences across TCC’s campus—students, faculty and staff—in terms of voice, tone, content and instructional design, but nevertheless use consistent messaging, objectives and compliance goals. To keep learners engaged, the highest level of interactive technology possible is used, despite the challenges posed by making content mobile compatible.

Measuring the Benefits of the Sexual Violence Prevention Training

Following course completion, TCC students in the first focus group reported significant improvement in awareness of sexual violence issues, knowledge about how to respond and impact on behavior. 

For lasting change, awareness is not enough; it must be coupled with knowledge about what to do. And after taking the training, 92 percent of respondents reported having a stronger understanding of how to make a sexual violence or harassment report, or how to help someone else make a report, after the course.

The final piece of the puzzle is impact on behavior. Bystander intervention is a key strategy in the current battle against sexual violence on campus. Importantly, 62 percent of respondents strongly agreed they would now intervene as a result of taking the course.

For more information on the TCC’s success with our sexual violence prevention training, download the complete case study.

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