Optional Supplemental Learning

Student Empower Optional Supplemental Learning

 Optional Supplemental Learning

Bullying Prevention for StudentsBullying Prevention: Describes the actions that constitute bullying and emphasizes proactive measures to prevent it.





Campus Safety:  Gives warning signs to watch out for and tips to help protect student safety.

Active Shooter Response for StudentsActive Shooter Response:
Covers the basics of active shooter response, including the Escape, Hide, Fight method.


Why Choose Campus Answers?

Most Up-to-date with Regulations and Best Practices 
Comprehensive, Evidence-Based Training Approach
Professional Grade
Tailored for the Campus


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For millennial students, if you don’t have something that’s engaging, they’re not going to take it. Campus Answers has gotten the best and the brightest to come up with a video-game level interactivity that’s relevant to the topic. They are truly amazing.

- Dr. Lisa McBride, Chief Diversity Officer

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Student Empower: A Comprehensive Cultural Change Program for Title IX/VAWA/Clery



How It Works

  • Deep, engaging content
  • Campus- and audience-specific versions
  • Simple flat-rate pricing
  • Easy-to-manage tracking and reporting through SLATE LMS

How It's Different

  • Pricing & Value

    Our flexible subscription pricing model enables you to train students, directors and staff employees, for a flat rate.

  • Engaging, Interactive Content, Personalized for Your Organization

    Our Instructional Design method focuses on making training interactive for today's adult learner through serious games, interactive flash modules and questions throughout the course. And, we offer you the ability to include a message and logo to reflect your unique corporate environment.

  • Best in Class Service and Support

    Your Account Manager is your single point-of-contact for all matters concerning your training. You can count on us to deliver the best service in the industry, 15 years running.

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