Mandatory Reporting: The Fallout of Campus Abuse Scandals

CA com Mandantory Reporting Fallout of Campus Abuse pdf

State after state is expanding their rule for who is required to report suspected child abuse, either sexual or otherwise. Legislation is pending, enacted or being returned for revision, but the trend is nationwide.

The expansion of these guidelines are leaving schools and universities struggling to create policies, enact procedures, train staff, and be ready to respond to the new and upcoming legislation. The regulations are, of course, a direct response to the recent scandals on campuses around the nation. You’ve seen the headlines:

  • November 2011: Lurid details emerge in Penn State case, 2 charged (Reuters)
  • February 2012: Penn State Foots $3.2 Million Bill for Sandusky Scandal (ABC News) 
  • April 2012: Penn State to spend $2.5M on PR firms in wake of Sandusky scandal, Penn State employees to receive training for reporting sexual abuse (Washington Post)

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