Men as Allies | Campus Violence Whitepaper

According to research from Alan Berkowitz, which was then featured by Men Can Stop Rape (MCSR), a nonprofit organization founded in 1997 with the aim of redefining masculinity as part of preventing me...


Reporting Campus Abuse | Whitepaper

State after state is expanding their rule for who is required to report suspected child abuse, either sexual or otherwise.


Title IX Updates and Definitions | Whitepaper

While most of us are aware of Title IX, not everyone knows how much this law has and continues to evolve.


Bullying on Campus | Whitepaper

University life is a melting pot: diverse people coming together to learn, share ideas, and grow. But it can also be a pressure cooker: the work, the need to succeed, schedules, and social life can cr...


Combatting Sexual Violence on Campus | eBook

This eBook addresses the challenges facing American colleges and universities with regard to safety, compliance and liability and how these risks could impact your organization.


Student Leaders Guide | Whitepaper

When college students get involved in stopping assault in their communities, significant changes can happen.


VAWA Awareness and Prevention | Whitepaper

The mandate to institutions of higher learning is clear from their constituents to the federal government: stem the tide and reverse the trend of sexual assault on campus.


Campus Climate Survey Best Practices Whitepaper

Download our whitepaper to learn about best practices for conducting a campus climate survey from campus safety expert S. Daniel Carter.

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