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We take the hassle and maintenance out of compliance training. You get what you need - a complete online compliance training solution - personalized to your specific needs and audiences, no hidden fees, no gotchas.

Our catalog of online courses covers important topics such as diversity programs, harassment training, discrimination training, sexual harassment training, corporate ethics training and more.

Most colleges and universities have written policies that prohibit sexual and other unlawful harassment of staff, faculty, and students. Courts have found that having a policy is not enough; schools must also train their faculty, staff, and even student employees on the key concepts contained in your HR policies. It is important to provide sexual harassment training, unlawful harassment training, discrimination training, child abuse training, diversity programs and more for all administrators, department heads, and supervisors because they are responsible for disseminating and enforcing your policies.

In 2014, the Department of Education will initiate and complete Negotiated Rulemaking for the Campus SaVE Act. If you have questions about the Campus SaVE Act, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section on the Campus SaVE Act.

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How It Works

  • Online Compliance training custom-tailored to your organization
  • Simple, flat-rate pricing
  • Campus- and audience-specific versions
  • Deep, engaging content

Questions about the Campus SaVE Act?

Check out our Campus SaVE Act FAQs as well as our Campus Sexual Violence Infographic.

How It's Different

  • Pricing & Value

    Our subscription pricing model enables you to train all levels of staff: faculty, students, supervisors, administrators and non-supervisory employees, for one flat rate.

  • personalization—It’s free

    Specially designed for the Higher Education environment, with scenarios and language that fit your campus setting and general work environment.

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They just don't find quality people to prepare the information, they get actual experts in that area, whether it's Title IX, criminal justice, or any other area. It's always top of the line content, with real-life case studies. Others can't compete from a content perspective.

- Dr. Lisa McBride, Chief Diversity Officer

Customizable Training Solutions For The Entire Campus Community

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Our courses are higher education verified and continuously updated to keep abreast of the law. Our content is tailored for all types of learners, from Faculty & Staff to Campus Investigators.

Student Leaders

Our Student courses help prepare students for the serious issues they confront at college. Our content is engaging, interactive and iPad/Tablet-friendly.

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