Student Leaders Guide

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When college students get involved in stopping assault in their communities, significant changes can happen. 

Find out why student training is the single most effective tool in reducing incidents of sexual violence in the university.

In this guide:

  • Legislative History Overview
  • What are Universities Required to Do?
  • Allies in Action: Student Activism Matters
  • What Can You Do
  • How Will I Know if Campus Culture is Changing?

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Campus Answers by Workplace Answers is the leader in higher education compliance training. We serve over 500 universities in the US, offer the best learning experience through our SLATE Learning Management System, and our courses aren’t just customizable – they’re developed specifically for the unique higher education environment. 

Our online courses present engaging, evidence-based training that addresses the needs of supervisors, campus investigators, faculty, staff, campus security, and even students. 
See the demo on our SaVE Act compliance program and find out why Campus Answers is the preferred choice for training.

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