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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

EEO Laws & Discrimination Prevention for Higher Education

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Reduce Campus Discrimination With EEO Training

The diversity of today's campus environment and workforce demands tools to deal with complex situations. One major problem is discrimination. Training with Preventing Discrimination on Campus teaches employees and faculty how to reduce the risk of discrimination in campus situations and everyday interactions. Discrimination training brings vital tools to your campus that improve the learning and working environment for everyone.

Our Higher Education-specific discrimination training uses engaging storylines from educational settings to provide examples of how the EEO laws work. This makes it easy for learners to understand the key concepts of discrimination training, including the equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws, categories protected by federal, state and local laws, prohibited employment practices, the difference between unlawful harassment and discrimination, the investigation process, protection from retaliation, and tips for employees to recognize behaviors that could violate the law. With heightened enforcement of these regulations, EEOC training for employees and staff is a wise investment. We offer two versions to meet the needs of different audiences at your school:

EEO Laws and Discrimination Prevention for Higher Education

The EEO Laws and Discrimination Prevention course is designed for all Higher Education employees including faculty, staff and student employees.

EEO Laws and Discrimination Prevention for Higher Education Supervisor Supplement

This Higher Education discrimination training course is designed for supervisory faculty and staff. It is intended to be taken by supervisors only after they have completed EEO Laws and Discrimination Prevention for Higher Education.

Workplace Answers works with colleges and universities to provide best in class discrimination training. Clients love us because we understand the unique needs and environment of colleges and universities as well as the unique training challenges you face. We offer the best discrimination training available that comes hosted on our SLATE LMS to ensure smooth deployment without any complicated systems or need for IT involvement.

  • May contribute to a strong affirmative defense in the event of a discrimination claim.
  • Educates faculty, staff and student employees about how to recognize and report discrimination.
  • Teaches employees their role in preventing discrimination.
  • Details major equal employment laws.
  • Explains interaction between EEO laws and protected categories
  • Applies EEO laws to engaging storylines.
  • Defines important terms relating to protected categories and EEO laws.
  • Federal laws prohibiting discrimination in employment.
  • Federal laws prohibiting harassment and discrimination in education.
  • Explains how state and federal laws interact.

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How It Works

  • Deep, engaging content
  • Campus- and audience-specific versions
  • Simple flat-rate pricing
  • Easy-to-manage tracking and reporting through SLATE LMS

How It's Different

  • Pricing & Value

    Our flexible subscription pricing model enables you to train all levels of staff, both supervisory and non-supervisory employees, for a flat rate.

  • Engaging, Interactive Content, Personalized for Your Organization

    Our Instructional Design method focuses on making training interactive for today's adult learner through serious games, interactive flash modules and questions throughout the course. And, we offer you the ability to include a message and logo to reflect your unique corporate environment.

  • Best in Class Service and Support

    Your Account Manager is your single point-of-contact for all matters concerning your training. You can count on us to deliver the best service in the industry, 15 years running.

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