Managing Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education: A Five-Part Model

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Diversity in higher education is important because it enriches the academic experience and creates a positive campus culture.

In this series of podcasts, Sondra Solovay, Esq., Campus Answers’ director of product development, talks with Dr. Lisa McBride, inaugural chief diversity officer at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, about how to effectively implement and manage diversity and inclusion in higher education.

Tune in to learn more about Dr. McBride’s five-part diversity model:

  1. Share a common vision and a common destiny
  2. Speak a common language
  3. Establish a diversity framework and the measures for success
  4. Establish clear roles and accountability
  5. Celebrate and recognize achievements often

Dr. Lisa McBrideAbout Dr. Lisa McBride
Dr. McBride serves as the Inaugural Chief Diversity Officer at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) in Pennsylvania. Since her tenure began at PCOM, Dr. McBride has implemented the President's Diversity Council at PCOM, created and developed a cultural competency training curriculum, developed a phenomenal diversity leadership speaker series, and collaborated with PCOM students to partner with Project Home: an initiative to provide healthcare targeting homeless veterans.


20140715 workplaceanswers 0117 webAbout Sondra Solovay, Esq.
Sondra Solovay, Esq. is the attorney leading Campus Answers’ product development team. She has been teaching, training and consulting on diversity and discrimination issues for almost 20 years. She also taught law with a social justice perspective at several law schools, including San Francisco Law School. She has published several books and articles on intersectional issues, with an emphasis on weight and disability discrimination.

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