Masculinity Programs on Campus: 5 Resources for Information

Posted on 21 July 2016 |

College campuses have always been a hub for great conversations that can change the world. And the topic of masculinity is no exception.

Men (and women) on campus are leading the conversation surrounding how masculinity is defined and what it really means to be a man. It’s happening with masculinity programs.

To learn more about this emerging topic, we’ve put together some resources for you.

1. Brief Overview of Masculinity Programs from Inside Higher Ed

Last month, Inside Higher Ed wrote a great article about how the University of Redlands is trying something new with its Dudes Understanding Diversity and Ending Stereotypes, a masculinity program aimed at improving retention among male students.

The article also mentions other campuses that are turning their focus on male students and how they can redefine what it means to be a man, and how this increased focus on masculinity might have an effect on sexual violence.

2. Men Can Stop Rape and The Healthy Masculinity Training Institute

Men Can Stop Rape is an organization that has consistently been on the forefront of the men as allies movement. And their Healthy Masculinity Training Institute is no different.

The training teaches attendees more about how they can create masculinity programs and men’s groups at their campus. According to the organization’s website participants in the training will learn how to engage men on campus to become proactive bystanders, among many other things.

3. Campus Answers’ Whitepaper & Webinar with Tremayne Robertson

Speaking of men’s groups, we recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Tremayne Robertson, violence prevention health educator at Virginia Commonwealth University, on a whitepaper and webinar, Interrupting Violence on Campus: Engaging Men as Allies, that explains how men are redefining masculinity. He also provides a roadmap for how other campuses can get started with men’s groups on their campuses.

Watch the webinar here, and download the whitepaper here.

4. Stony Brook University’s Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities

One of the first programs of its kind, Stony Brook University’s Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities aims to bring together experts in their field to join in the conversation and research surrounding men, masculinity and gender equality.

Check out the university’s website to learn more about the program and all the work they are doing.

5. NASPA’s Men and Masculinities Knowledge Community

NASPA, an association for student affairs professionals, has an entire group dedicated to information about men’s gender development on college campuses: the Men and Masculinities Knowledge Community. The group provides many different resources including a blog, newsletter and outside resources to learn more.

These are just some of the great resources popping up about masculinity programs on campus. What other resources have you found? Share them in the comments!

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