Better Together: Campus Answers is Joining the EverFi Family

Posted by Farzad Barkhordari on 20 April 2017 |

acquisition CAI’m delighted to announce that Campus Answers, the higher education division of Workplace Answers, has officially joined forces with EverFi, the world’s leading education technology company, committed to solving complex prevention and compliance challenges in global corporations, higher education and K-12. 

With this acquisition, Workplace Answers is joining a network of 1,100 organizations that already trust EverFi to support their compliance training programs. Our coming together will also accelerate the expansion of our course offerings and technology platform in the months and years to come. 

When I started Click 4 Compliance in 2006, I wanted to do something that no other company was doing: provide enterprise businesses with high-quality, practical, cost-effective, online compliance and ethics training courses – without the complicated “legal-ese” found in typical training programs. In 2015, we joined the Workplace Answers family and expanded our training library to include HR-focused courses, as well as courses for higher education. 

EverFi’s acquisition of LawRoom/Campus Clarity and now Workplace Answers/Campus Answers, will further expands EverFi’s commitment to higher education, serving a combined 1,700 campuses, all of which will have access to the Campus Prevention Network, a nationwide initiative committed to creating safer, healthier communities.

EverFi is committed to continuing Workplace Answers’ legacy of providing best-in-class online compliance training, subject matter expertise and client support.

While there are many great reasons for us to join EverFi, I’d like to highlight these three:

  • By combining our brands, we have the depth of technology, infrastructure and support resources we need to more effectively help clients promote a culture of compliance throughout their organizations.
  • Their wide-range of compliance experts and eLearning professionals will allow us to continue to provide practical, high-quality compliance training that is useful to all organizations, but on more topics.
  • EverFi is backed by some of America’s leading CEOs and venture capital firms, including Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, Twitter founder Evan Williams and Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, which will allow us to create innovative compliance products and offer superior services for our clients.

Last, but not least, the rationale of this acquisition is to join forces with a really talented family, committed to continuing the Workplace Answers’ mission to help organizations solve their compliance challenges with online training.


Why is EverFi acquiring Campus Answers?

EverFi is the nation’s leading education technology innovator committed to solving complex prevention and compliance challenges through interactive, scalable solutions. By bringing Workplace Answers into the EverFi family we have become the world’s largest company committed to empowering learners at every stage of their lives, from the classroom to the boardroom.

Last year, EverFi announced the acquisition of compliance education leader LawRoom/Campus Clarity, which expanded its higher ed portfolio to over 1,300 campuses. The acquisition of Campus Answers further expands EverFi’s commitment to higher education, serving now a combined 1,700 campuses.

Additionally, Campus Answers clients now have access to the Campus Prevention Network, a nationwide initiative committed to creating safer, healthier communities. The Campus Prevention Network supports colleges and universities in making breakthrough progress in campus health and safety through research-based prevention resources and best practices, comprehensive assessments and benchmarking reports, population-level prevention and compliance strategies, and rich opportunities for professional development and engagement with peers (including the Campus Prevention Network Annual Summit). 

Why is this acquisition important?

EverFi and Campus Answers are the leading organizations providing digital prevention and compliance education around critical issues in Higher Ed. In the upcoming academic year, over 6 million students, faculty and staff will leverage our prevention courses.

  • EverFi brings over15 years of proven efficacy in substance abuse and sexual violence prevention and thought-leading research expertise
  • Campus Answers brings deep compliance expertise and experience in helping hundreds of campuses address faculty and staff training mandates
  • Together, we bring an unparalleled combination of thought leadership, innovative technology, research expertise and the largest dataset in the world on knowledge, attitudes and behaviors related to critical wellness and safety challenges facing Higher Ed institutions and their communities

Does this news mean that the course(s) my campus currently implements are going away?

Our goal has always been to provide the best online learning experience for our partners and their students, faculty and staff, and we will continue to do so. With that, we will be reviewing all of our programs to ensure that we’re offering the best of what EverFi and Campus Answers have developed and allowing your campus or organization to benefit from our suite of evidenced-based prevention approaches and best-in-class compliance courses.

What does this mean for the Fall 2017 semester?

Prior to Fall launch, you’ll be introduced to the newly expanded course offerings from EverFi and have the opportunity to take advantage of our new campus wide offering.

Does this mean that my campus will be assigned to a new person to manage our account?

The merger between EverFi and Campus Answers should not impact your relationship with your current EverFi or Campus Answers point of contact in the short term. As we work to combine the teams, your main point of contact may change down the line, but we will ensure that you are made aware of any changes and that all important details of your account are communicated internally to ensure a smooth transition. 

How will this impact the student/faculty/staff experience in the short term?

For the 2017-18 academic year, the student/staff/faculty experience will not be impacted, and your campus will implement the programs as intended for the 2017-2018 academic year. Going forward, we will work closely with our partners to help determine which courses and services best fit their needs, and identify where there’s more room from improvement.

Will the level of service I have grown to expect from our partnership change now that you will have so many more partners?

We prides ourselves in the level of service we provide to our partners, and we value the deep relationships we’ve built with individuals and campus/organizational partners over the years. We are committed to maintaining the level of service you have grown to expect and to continuing to grow the relationships we have built. As we update and refine our approach, we will explore ways to continue to empower our partners to leverage the most from the resources that are provided to them as a part of our partnership. 

Now that you’re combining companies, will you be combining courses too?  My campus has always wanted AlcoholEdu and Student Empower to be one seamless experience. 

While we certainly recognize the correlation between alcohol and sexual assault, we have deliberately made the decision to keep the two programs separate as to not allow for confusion that one causes the other. The relationships and interconnections between these issues are appropriately addressed in each of the courses, but overall the two courses and topics are purposely separated. We do hear feedback regarding the length of the courses; although students can stop and start as many times as they wish through each program, combining the two courses will give the impression that it is even that much longer than they already see them to be. However, bearing all of these factors in mind - in the long term - we are open to exploring the option of campuses being able to choose the ideal student experience for themselves.

I am using AlcoholEdu and Haven with FYS this Summer/Fall. Can I use Campus Clarity’s programs as boosters for my upperclassmen?

Yes. Please contact your Customer Success/Account Manager for further information. 

Will my campus have to sign a new contract?

No, your contract is valid until your contract expires.

Will this affect my data automation, LMS integration or SSO?

No, there will be no immediate changes to data automations, LMS integrations or Single-sign on (SSO) features that you have added to your account.

Will this affect any courses that I have customized?

In the near term, there will be no changes to course customizations that you have made.

Who are some of the schools already working with EverFi?

EverFi delivers online training to over 1,700 public and private colleges and universities, community colleges and state university systems, including: 

  • Private:  Boston College, Carnegie Mellon Davidson College, Georgetown University, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, University of Michigan, Stanford, Villanova
  • Public:  Clemson, Georgia Institute of Technology, Oklahoma State University, Oregon State University, University of Minnesota - Duluth, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, University of Virginia, University of Vermont, Virginia Tech
  • State Systems: University of California System, Montana University System, Technical College System of Georgia, University of Hawaii System, Tennessee Board of Regents System, the University of Texas System

What is the Campus Prevention Network?

The Campus Prevention Network is the nation’s largest coalition of colleges, universities, and Greek organizations committed to addressing critical issues that impact the health and safety of campus communities (sexual assault, high-risk drinking, substance abuse, hazing, etc.). Campus Prevention Network members have demonstrated their commitment to creating safer, healthier campus communities through population-level, data-driven prevention. 

Central to the Campus Prevention Network (CPN) is a pledge to adopt the highest standards of prevention. Member institutions will assess their efforts and strive toward best practices across four key areas that are central to effective prevention

  • Programming: robust, population-level primary and ongoing prevention training
  • Policy: campus values and expectations, and the system of accountability to uphold them
  • Critical Processes: strategic, collaborative and data-driven prevention planning
  • Institutionalization: campus-wide buy-in, visible commitment and meaningful investment in prevention 

As part of this inaugural membership pledge, member schools will have exclusive access to the Sexual Assault Diagnostic Inventory - a comprehensive research-based assessment that examines programs and practices to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement in these critical pillars of prevention. By participating in this Diagnostic, CPN member schools will receive a robust report to benchmark their prevention efforts against the nation’s highest performing institutions. These critical data will provide meaningful insights and collaborative opportunities to strengthen and grow prevention efforts across the Network and beyond.

To activate your institution’s membership and access the Sexual Assault Diagnostic Inventory, take the CPN pledge at

What are the benefits of being part of the Campus Prevention Network?

EverFi launched the Campus Prevention Network to support colleges and universities in driving lasting, large-scale change on critical health, wellness, and safety issues facing students, faculty and staff through prevention research and best practices, assessments and benchmarking and population-level prevention programs.

The Campus Prevention Network provides a platform for schools doing effective and innovative work to be recognized for their efforts, while also enabling all institutions to benefit from the collective knowledge and perspectives of their peers and the breadth of experience offered by EverFi’s team of prevention and compliance experts. Whether it be community colleges, small private institutions or large public universities, the Campus Prevention Network is committed to engaging, supporting and empowering schools to do the best work possible in making positive impact on critical campus health and safety issues.

The Campus Prevention Network offers many benefits:

  • Tailored prevention resources to support membership pledge
  • Access to comprehensive, research-based prevention tools and resource library
  • Robust institutional assessments and benchmarking reports
  • Admission to Campus Prevention Network Annual Summit
  • Eligibility to have exemplary prevention work recognized/awarded
  • Inclusion in national report highlighting committed member institutions
  • Opportunities to highlight work through webinars, case studies and CPN newsletter

By providing innovative research, proven and promising prevention strategies, and rich opportunities for professional development and peer engagement, the Campus Prevention Network is uniquely positioned to help campuses make breakthrough progress on the critical health and safety issues impacting the lives of our students, staff and faculty.

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