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Bullying Prevention

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Stop the Increase of Bullying on Campus with Bullying Prevention Programs

The headlines may frighten, but they’re supported by even scarier statistics. Bullying on campus is on the rise — some say it’s hitting epidemic proportions. More and more students are reporting cases of bullying. Videos of on-campus harassment are popping up online and stories of bullying-induced suicide are in the news far too often. University life is a melting pot of diverse people coming together to learn, share ideas, and grow. It can also be a pressure cooker: the work, the need to succeed, tight schedules, and maintaining a social life can create extreme stress. Bullying has made its way to higher learning, and educators are struggling to deal with it.

Apart from our moral and social responsibility, for educators, bullying on campus simply cannot be tolerated. Under Title IX, your responsibility is clear: educators must provide a safe and harassment-free environment that allows students to participate and benefit from your programs. The best way to do that is by instituting bullying prevention programs on your campus.

Why Bullying Prevention Programs are Essential

While some believe they “know it when they see it,” bullying isn’t just the playground knock-downs anymore. Today, bullying is behavior that is meant to hurt either physically or emotionally. The only choice is action: a policy against bullying is not enough – your students, staff, and faculty deserve a campaign against abuse. The first step is knowledge, and Workplace Answers can provide the information you need to prevent this type of abuse on campus with bullying training, which includes bullying prevention and intervention. Online training helps with prevention of bullying by sending a strong message that bullying is unacceptable.

Workplace Answers offers bullying training for students, faculty and staff. Our bullying prevention program features a comprehensive overview of bullying, including coverage of the types of bullies, methods used to bully, causes and effects of bullying and dangers of failing to prevent bullying. 

About This Course:

Bullying Prevention for Higher Education Students is a must-have to reduce and prevent bullying on campus. Bullying does not need to be tolerated as part of the education experience, and schools can take action to limit their vulnerability to bullying-related lawsuits. Studies have shown that a strong anti-bullying program does help prevent bullying. The Workplace Answers Bullying Prevention courseware is created specifically for, and narrowly tailored to, higher education student learners.

  • Sends a strong message that bullying is unacceptable.
  • Helps to establish a bully-free school environment.
  • Explains the dangers of cyber-bullying.
  • Identifies types of bullies and trains students to recognize the methods bullies employ.
  • Defines bullying and describes actions that constitute bullying.
  • Teaches how to identify the signs and symptoms of a bullying situation.
  • Provides appropriate responses and resources for dealing with bullying.
  • Emphasizes proactive measures to prevent bullying before it occurs.
  • Explains when bullying behaviors become unlawful.
  • Explores reasons behind bullying behaviors and encourages bullies to stop.
  • Provides guidance on being an effective ally and outlines de-escalation techniques.
  • Reinforces understanding of the legally protected categories.

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