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The Campus Safety Stats Deadline is Looming

Posted on 25 June 2015 |

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This summer, there's a big deadline coming up for college campuses across the country: the new VAWA and Clery campus violence statistics rules go into full effect on July 1, 2015. What was formerly a requirement for a "good faith effort" on the part of campus administrators now carries the full weight of law, with corresponding fines and penalties for failure to comply.

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Five Things College Students Need to Know About Bystander Intervention

Posted on 11 June 2015 |


Students learn a lot of things during their time in college. But knowing when and how to step up to save another person from harm might be one of the most important things a student learns in college.

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Social Media and Campus Bullying: The Challenge of Online Anonymity

Posted on 2 June 2015 |

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Hateful, threatening posts have existed on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social media forums have existed since social media started. Hiding behind avitars and pseudonyms, people have displayed a horrific willingness to taunt, shame, threaten and embarass people who had no way to identify, much less confront their harassers.

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Why No Means No Matters on Campus

Posted on 26 May 2015 |

Only Yes Means Yes Campaign

Amid a rising number of sexual assaults on college campuses, there is a desperate need for clear and compelling "No means no" education on campus.

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Are Your Campus Violence Stats Accurate?

Posted on 14 May 2015 |

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The full implementation of the Violence Against Women Act is ready to go on July 1, 2015. In addition to providing training and resources for dealing with claims of campus sexual violence, colleges and universities have to collect and compile statistics on all kinds of crime and violence events. And just like on that calculus final, accuracy counts.
Step one to providing the right kinds of data is understanding what information you need to collect.

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What Does Campus Safety Have to Do with Title IX

Posted on 4 May 2015 |

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Did you know that Title IX isn't just about creating equality in funding for campus sports? You're not alone. Four years after campus violence prevention was added to the requirement for Title IX compliance, most people still think it's all about money for hockey sticks and locker rooms

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Getting Creative About Getting The Message Across

Posted on 27 April 2015 |

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Wondering how to turn mandatory Clery Act training into effective education students will hear and retain? Try these five ideas for meeting college students where they are.

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Virtual VAWA Roundtable 2015: Four Expert Approaches to Changing Campus Culture

Posted on 16 March 2015 |

vawa panel

As a prelude to an upcoming conference panel on the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), Campus Answers hosts a virtual roundtable with experts on violence prevention training

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Clery Act FAQs

Posted on 6 March 2015 |


Understand the details of The Clery Act requirements. The Clery Act requires campuses and universities to disclose information about crimes committed on and around their campuses.

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