23 Tips for Being an Effective Leader on Campus

Posted on 8 September 2016 |

23 tips effective leadersEffective leadership skills are essential to everyone on campus from freshman students to tenured faculty and everyone in between. But what makes for an effective leader? We’ve put together this list to help you figure it out.

How to Be an Effective Leader

  1. You do your best to set a good example and lead with actions, not words.
  2. You share the big picture so that everyone knows the effects of their contributions.
  3. You trust that your team will get things done because they have the skills.
  4. You delegate tasks so that you don’t end up micromanaging everyone’s work.
  5. You empower your team to take action and set up when necessary.
  6. You inspire those around you to put forth their best efforts.
  7. You care about your team and check in on them to see how they are doing.
  8. You recognize when someone has done a good job.
  9. You keep criticism on target and dole it out in private.
  10. You ask for help when you need it.
  11. You mentor your team so that one day they can take your place.
  12. You take ownership and learn from your mistakes.
  13. You know your limitations and strive to push past them.
  14. You recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work.
  15. You show empathy when your team members need a shoulder to lean on.
  16. You communicate with your team so they understand what’s expected of them.
  17. You explain goals and show your team how they can realize them.
  18. You ask for feedback and try to make the necessary changes.
  19. You stay patient when anyone on your team needs extra help.
  20. You maintain a positive attitude and expect the same of others.
  21. You finish what you start and try never to give up.
  22. You have a passion for what you do and encourage others to feel the same.
  23. You never stop working on becoming a better leader.


No one is born a leader. It takes practice and help along the way. But with hard work, you can get there.

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